Ladies Schedule


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                Canadian Mechanical
                        (Brent Mills)


                           July 28

Tee Times        Front 9

445pm Miron-Vincent                 -vs-         Fidler-Mourant
452pm Leefe - Peloquin               -vs-        Andre-Urban
5pm Macdonald-Struth           -vs-        LaLiberte –Laramee
507pm Gauthier-Gauthier          -vs-        Jolicouer-Teleglow
515pm Mackinnon-Smale           -vs-        Kibsey-Ragot
522pm Maynard-Ridge                 -vs-        Kibbons-Proulx
530pm McGowan - Fontaine     -vs-        Kehler - Newton
537pm t.Vincent-StVincent      -vs-        Dutiaume-Laurin
545pm Ste Marie -Jolicoeur        -vs-        Dixon - Joe
552pm Bennett - Breman            -vs-        Champagne-Plouffe
6pm Plourde - Vermette        -vs-        Felepchuk - Bisson

New Covid Restrictions. No teetimes Required. Back to the normal way we used to run league
League starts between 5 to 6pm.

Wednesday  August 4     Back 9
Macdonald-Struth           -vs-        Andre-Urban
Mackinnon-Smale           -vs-        Leefe - Peloquin
Maynard-Ridge -vs-        LaLiberte -Laramee
McGowan - Fontaine     -vs-        Kibsey-Ragot
Gauthier-Gauthier          -vs-        Kibbons-Proulx
Miron-Vincent    -vs-      Kehler - Newton
Plourde - Vermette        -vs-        Jolicouer-Teleglow
St.Vincent-StVincent     -vs-        Fidler-Mourant
Ste Marie -Jolicoeur       -vs-        Felepchuk - Bisson
Bennett - Breman            -vs-        Dutiaume-Laurin
Champagne-Plouffe       -vs-        Dixon - Joe

Wednesday  August 11      Front 9

Mackinnon-Smale           -vs-        Andre-Urban
Maynard-Ridge -vs-        Macdonald-Struth
McGowan - Fontaine     -vs-        Leefe - Peloquin
Gauthier-Gauthier          -vs-        LaLiberte -Laramee
Miron-Vincent  -vs-        Kibsey-Ragot
Plourde - Vermette        -vs-        Kibbons-Proulx
St.Vincent-StVincent     -vs-        Kehler - Newton
Ste Marie -Jolicoeur       -vs-        Jolicouer-Teleglow
Bennett - Breman            -vs-        Fidler-Mourant
Champagne-Plouffe       -vs-        Felepchuk - Bisson
Dixon - Joe         -vs-        Dutiaume-Laurin

Wednesday  August 18          Back 9
 Maynard-Ridge -vs-        Andre-Urban
McGowan - Fontaine     -vs-        Mackinnon-Smale
Michelle - TBA  -vs-        Macdonald-Struth
Miron-Vincent  -vs-        Leefe - Peloquin
Plourde - Vermette        -vs-        LaLiberte -Laramee
St.Vincent-StVincent     -vs-        Kibsey-Ragot
Ste Marie -Jolicoeur       -vs-        Kibbons-Proulx
Bennett - Breman            -vs-        Kehler - Newton
Champagne-Plouffe       -vs-        Jolicouer-Teleglow
Dixon - Joe         -vs-        Fidler-Mourant
Dutiaume-Laurin             -vs-        Felepchuk – Bisson

Wednesday  August 25      Front 9
McGowan - Fontaine     -vs-        Andre-Urban
Gauthier-Gauthier          -vs-        Maynard-Ridge
Miron-Vincent  -vs-        Mackinnon-Smale
Plourde - Vermette        -vs-        Macdonald-Struth
St.Vincent-StVincent     -vs-        Leefe - Peloquin
Ste Marie -Jolicoeur       -vs-        LaLiberte -Laramee
Bennett - Breman            -vs-        Kibsey-Ragot
Champagne-Plouffe       -vs-        Kibbons-Proulx
Dixon - Joe         -vs-        Kehler - Newton
Dutiaume-Laurin             -vs-        Jolicouer-Teleglow
Felepchuk - Bisson          -vs-        Fidler-Mourant

Wednesday  Sept 1         Back 9